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Check Out Our Unheated Yoga Classses

Yoga For Beginners
This is a 6 week series and is the perfect introduction to yoga. This practice is reserved for a maximum of 10 students per series. This will give each individual adequate time to explore what their body needs from a yoga practice. Thgis series will explain the most simple postures and how to build strength so you can build upon each pose, if you choose to. That is the beautoiful thing about a beginner yoga practice. It is not all about what the poses look like, it is all about what they feel like in YOUR body!
We have 2 upcoming 6 week series
Yoga for Beginners w/Brittani Monday Oct. 2nd at 5:30pm
Yoga for Beginners w/Sarah Sears Wed. Nov. 1st at 7pm
$65 per person , includes 6 classes

Reservations required, Please reserve Online

Power Flow
This powerful practice is going to build strength, balance while improving your concentrationa nd breath awareness. Your heart will definitely be pumping as you flow along to an uplifting and energizing playlist. This style will be similar to our Hot Power Flow. Great for those that love a powerful flow without the added heat pumping through the room. 
Monday 9am - Tuesday 9am - Saturday 8am - Sunday 8:30am


Gentle Flow
 A Gentle Flow can be a very beginner friendly flow, this is truly an all levels class. This class will flow along without additional educational information on the poses. It will be full of slow, gentle movements with an encouragement on breath connected to movement in a way that allows for a free flow of breath and gentle opening of the body.
Wed 5:30pm


We do require reservations for all of our classes. This helps us provide the proper amount of space and time for classes to flow smoothly.

If you have additional questions, please call or text 937-903-5370. We would love to chat with you and help you find the right class for you!

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